Ceejay Microfin Ltd NBFC-MFI (Reg No: B.01.00577) has achieved its micro finance license from RBI in the month of October 2017.

Ceejay Microfin Ltd (CML) is a sister company of Ceejay Group whose interest lies in Bidi, Tobacco, Renewable energy, Finance, Real Estate and Food & Beverages. CML plans to use the existing network of Ceejay Group and bring the underserved in financial inclusion.

Our Customers

Naynaben Parmar

Naynaben Parmar and her husband are both farmers, due to high volatility in prices of agricultural produce it was hard for them to meet the ends, Naynaben took Rupees 20,000 loan from Ceejay Microfin Ltd.

Rekhaben Parmar

Rekhaben Parmar runs a local on road shop selling pan and other products, after getting a loan of Rupees 20,000 from Ceejay Microfin Ltd, she bought more goods which in turn helped improve sales.